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My Approach


Neuromuscular Massage

You know those painful trigger points – that excruciating pain between your shoulder blades or in your neck that takes your breath away? Neuromuscular massage can be the most effective way to release and eliminate these painful trigger points. This specific and scientific approach to muscular pain relief can help bring balance to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. I use precise massage techniques, stretching and home care exercises to help eliminate most neuromuscular pain patterns.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is the most requested but least understood massage technique. It doesn’t have to be painful to get the benefits from a deep tissue massage. This technique simply means using pressure that goes beyond the top layers of the muscles as opposed to Swedish massage, which most people are familiar with, which glides along the top layer of muscle. To make sure my clients are enjoying their massage and getting the most benefit, I adjust the pressure based on their comfort level.

Myoskeletal Alignment Massage

Do you feel that your shoulders are touching your ears? Or does your head protrude so far forward that it actually feels heavy? Then this is the massage for you. Myoskeletal Alignment addresses the muscle imbalances created by trauma, tension and poor posture. It combines deep tissue work, assisted stretching and muscle retraining to reduce dysfunctional strain patterns and create more symmetry in the body.

Sports Massage

As a former competitive athlete, Mika knows what it is like to train hard. She understands reaching your pain threshold and pushing beyond the pain. She also knows how devastating it is to get injured and have to modify your training or, worse yet, to have to take time off.

Mika has been a sports massage therapist for many, many years. Her massage is always sport specific and targets the muscles used in a given sport. She incorporates PNF stretching to increase flexibility, cross fiber friction to break up adhesions and correcting posture deviations that can cause injury.



Extending the Benefits

If you continue the same activities in the same way no massage will alleviate your pain forever. Following your massage session I can help you identify practices, activities and postures that may be contributing to your continued issues. From the type of pillow that you use, to how you sit and use electronic devices, small changes can make a big difference in how your body feels everyday. We can work together to build better practices that can put you on the road to recovery and manage your pain.


30 Minutes – $45

Perfect amount of time for the person who has a specific problem area. For example, a crick in the neck or sore lower back.

60 Minutes – $80

Provides enough time for a general relaxation massage in addition to treating minor aches and pains or for those who want to focus more time on chronically tight muscles.

90 Minutes – $120

Ideal for clients wanting to treat chronic problems or several problem areas and still desire additional time for a relaxation massage.