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Specialized Posture Pro Software

Posture Pro software is a valuable tool for improving posture. It will show the exact degrees your body is off, and as you practice the exercises I teach you, it can track your progress each month until your alignment is right where it needs to be! Being able to visibly track your progress each month will give you the encouragement you need to stick with the exercises and make a permanent change.

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How Massage Can Help

Muscles are made of individual fibers, but when they become chronically shortened by faulty positioning or repetitive use, they start to bind together and lose their ability to move freely. The muscle can feel ropey, crunchy, or palpable knots can form. Massage breaks up these adhesions, restoring the muscle to its original length. Call us about a custom posture analysis package to see how we can incorporate massage into your posture improvement plan!

Why do you need a posture analysis?

Posture doesn’t improve on its own – gravity and faulty positions only make it worse. Over 90% of the population has some degree of a forward head posture, so chances are, you are overcompensating in a way that will do some serious damage to your muscles and joints in the long run. “Knowing your numbers” is one of the best things you can do for your long-term health and well being.


Basic – $45

This package includes a Posture Pro analysis and a consultation that includes exercises for continued posture improvement.

Basic Plus – $75

For those who want to get a little more specific, this package also includes the Posture Pro analysis, but with a more in-depth consultation to develop exercises that are specific to your exact posture deviations.

Follow-up Posture Analysis – $30

Additional posture analysis sessions may be purchased at this price as a follow-up to our Basic or Basic Plus packages.

Custom – call for pricing information

Everyone is different, and we are happy to create a posture package around your specific needs. Let us create an individualized program based on your time commitment and motivation. This can include weight training, thera-band, specific stretches and more.