Posture Pro: The Future of Posture Analysis

Posted on Jun 30, 2014 in Blog

Once upon a time, the only way to do a posture analysis was to use a posture grid. Every day, a grid was used to give a very general idea of how a person’s posture was distorted. One day, in 1994, all that changed when Dr. Joe Ventura introduced the first posture software that gave a precise assessment of a person’s posture profile. Because of Posture Pro, people could not only see where their posture was off, but all the additional stressors and forces that contributed to their posture related pain. Because of that, it is now possible to improve posture using very clear data and see the improvements over time. Finally, everyone is realizing that having good posture isn’t that difficult and with better posture they can live without pain.

Additionally, Posture Pro calculates a posture number which helps keep track of posture progress or regression. Also, Posture pro is the only software that can show what your posture will look like in 7- 10 years if nothing is done to improve your posture. Using all the information from Posture Pro makes it easy to design a posture improvement plan that will help you achieve better posture.


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